Hourly rate for bench work $85.00
Hourly rate for machine work $115.00
Minimum charge per firearm $30.00
Disassemble, clean, inspect, oil, reassemble and safety check firearm Complete
Bolt action rifle $50.00
Pump, auto, and lever rifles $75.00
AR 15 style rifle $75.00
Double rifles and drillings $90.00
Pump shotgun $75.00
Auto shotgun $75.00
Winchester 97, Winchester 12, Remington 11, Browning Auto-5 $100.00
Double and O/U shotguns $75.00
Revolver $75.00
Auto pistol $75.00
*Notes: Removal of heavy copper, lead, or carbon fouling Add $20.00
Clear bore obstruction
Stuck case $30.00 & up
Live round $50.00 & up
Other than case or live round $50.00 & up
Chamber casting $50.00
Check headspace $30.00
Lapping lugs without set back of barrel $75.00
Installation of safety (parts not included)
Low swing safety on Mauser style rifle $60.00
Three position safety $180.00
Mount scope and bore sight (excludes drilling and tapping)
Customer supplied scope and rings $30.00
Lap ring $40.00
Drill and tap barrel and/or receiver
Standard receiver for scope mounts $90.00
Hard receiver for scope mounts (Springfield, Enfield, Mauser) $125.00
Open sights (front and rear) $80.00
Side mounts $125.00
Peep sights $90.00
Re-barrel rifle (barrel, polishing, and bluing not included)
Pre-threaded and pre-chambered $175.00
Thread, chamber, and crown $350.00
1911 Service (parts not included)
Install and fit extended or ambidextrous safety $75.00
Polish barrel and feed ramp $45.00
Install and fit barrel bushing $45.00
Custom fit trigger $45.00
Trigger job $125.00
Install and fit match grade barrel Contact for Quote
Install drop in magazine well Contact for Quote
Stock Work
Inletting of existing stock
Barrel channel for re-barreled action in factory stock $100.00 & up
Other inletting Contact for Quote
Glass bedding of existing stock
Standard $125.00
Install aluminum pillars and bed (pillars included) $175.00
Stock refinishing
Basic (pores unfilled, oil, satin finish) $175.00
Moderate (pores filled, oil, satin finish) $225.00
Moderate (pores filled, poly or lacquer, gloss finish) $250.00
Complete (pores filled, poly or lacquer, high gloss finish) Contact for Quote
Install sling swivel studs (parts not Included)
Both in wood stock $30.00
If drilling and tapping barrel required $80.00
Buttplate and recoil pad installation  
(parts not included)
Standard recoil pad $85.00
GRACO adjustable buttplate $175.00
Shorten stock Add $10.00
Lengthen stock with spacers Add $10.00
Stock repairs (cracks, dents, scratches, etc.) Contact for Quote
Any other stock work not listed Contact for Quote